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Vintage Comic Book Characters, Cartoons, Toys, and Other Collectibles

Delight in finding old childhood friends with Toys Around the Clock, an online store featuring vintage toys, classic comic book characters, action figurines, cartoon memorabilia, retro advertising, dolls, and more. Here childhood nostalgia roams free with unique, hard-to-find classic toys, Disney characters, and more, all available right at your fingertips.

Embrace the magic. Revisit the fun. Our vintage cartoon toys and comic book collectibles are sure to awaken your inner child, and are all available at reasonable prices. From brand new items in mint condition, to lovingly used classics, our vintage toy collection has something for every antique and classic toy collector:

We ship all over the U.S. – from Florida to New York, across to California, and across the globe, internationally to Europe, Asia, and Australia! Have something in mind but can’t find it on our site? Call us at (727) 865-1534 Toys Around the Clock – Your source for discovering old childhood friends, one toy at a time.

Featured Products
Bob's Big Boy Advertising Doll
Bob's Big Boy Advertising Doll
Your Price: $45.00
Frank Frazetta's Dejah Thoris Princess of Mars statue
Frank Frazetta's Dejah Thoris Princess of Mars statue
Your Price: $150.00
Robert Conrad Wild Wild West James West doll
Robert Conrad Wild Wild West James West doll
Your Price: $50.00

Universal Wolf Man Motionette Universal Wolf Man Motionette
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Anthony Restorations

Restoring vintage printed materials to almost original condition is the mission of the finest restoration specialists at Anthony Restorations.

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