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About Us

About Us

As a toy collector since 1978, I've always had a passion for comic characters and movie memorabilia. I attended the School of Industrial Arts in New York City, and became a professional cartoonist and writer for Archie Publications and the Tribune Syndicate, working on the famous Gil Thorp comic strip.

Recognizing the need to fuse passion with profession, I opened Toys Around the Clock in 1995.
Toys Around the Clock is an online antique toy store catering to memorabilia collectors, vintage toy enthusiasts, and children at heart in search of long-lost treasures. We offer everything from vintage comic and cartoon character collectibles to classic Disney figurines, movie and advertising memorabilia. 

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Toys Around the Clock specializes in collecting rare, hard-to-find items from the 1920s to the present. Comic and classic cartoon characters, dolls, games, figurines, vintage advertising, and more are available now at our online store.  

Keeping those memories alive for people is probably the best part about what we do.
It is our hope that Toys Around the Clock can provide the same level of satisfaction for you as it has for our loyal customers from all over the world the US, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, and every place in between. 
If you’re in search of something but don't see it in our inventory, please contact us at (727) 865-1534, and we will be happy to help you find it.
Robb Versandi
Founder, Toys Around the Clock

The Business of Childhood Joys and Memories

Growing up in the late 1940s and early 1950s was a very special time for me. As a young boy listening to the last of the radio adventures and watching these adventures enfold visually on a tiny television screen was positively enthralling.

Watching the Lone Ranger gallop up a hillside was far more exciting than listening to it. Hearing Superman ?y off into the Metropolis sky was exciting but seeing George Reeves in costume spring-boarding through a skyscraper window was awesome.

All these wonderful moments could be captured and relived by the merchandise offered by the many sponsoring companies.

For a dime you could own a Captain Midnight Decoder Badge, or a Dick Tracy Secret Compartment Ring, or a Sgt. Preston Indian Totem. These treasures of childhood were priceless to those kids lucky enough to have sent the box top and ten cents to obtain them.

Unfortunately, parents were not so generous with their appreciation of these prized possessions. Everyone has a story about Mom donating a Little Lulu doll to the trash container when Susie was at school. Inevitably, the missing items were mourned and forgotten.

But not by everyone.

While browsing through a ?ea market on Main Street in Queens, New York I spotted an old friend. It was a ?gure of Figaro the cat from Disney's Pinocchio. Made by the Multi Products Company of a material called Syrocco, it looked like it had just been hand-carved by Geppetto. It was in perfect condition and I paid four dollars for it. My dad had gotten it for me thirty years earlier for ten cents. I was a kid again and loving it.

Searching the ?ea markets and antique malls to reclaim more of my childhood treasures I made a remarkable discovery. There were hundreds of people like myself looking to ?nd and purchase their old treasures.

Toys Around the Clock was born.

Since 1995 we have been providing a place for folks to search and secure those fondly remembered toys, dolls, games, books, comics and premiums.

Our extensive inventory includes Howdy Doody puppets, Tarzan statues, Moon Mullins games, Bugs Bunny banks, Lone Ranger Tooth Brush Holders, Marx Disney Figure Sets and much much more. Visiting our website is like walking the toy aisles in Woolworths or McCrory's.

Our buying trips and exhibiting at shows continue to both widen our inventory and add new friends to our customer base.

Visit us at:

Toys Around the Clock

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