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Bomba The Jungle Boy: The Moving Mountain

Part Number 445
Bomba The Jungle Boy: The Moving Mountain
Bomba The Jungle Boy: The Moving Mountain
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Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain recounts how Bomba once again defeats a marauding band of headhunters from the distant Giant Cataract. This time they are lead by Tocarara, the co-Chieftain and half brother of the wounded (by Bomba) Nascanora. The Medicine Man Ruspak is present again and is even forced by the Jungle Boy to cure a dying Cody Casson! Along the way, he battles jaguars and snakes and rescues a family of explorers from the headhunters, the Parkhursts. Once Bomba arrives at the Moving Mountain, he saves the lives of Ashati and Neram, former slaves of the Medicine Man and he confronts Jojasta who verifies that Bomba does indeed look like Bartow but that if he wanted to learn more of him and Laura, he must undertake another journey, this time to Sobrinini's isle, ever so close to the Giant Cataract! The book is in very good condition.
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