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Pogo's Friends Porky Pine, Albert Aligator and Howland Owl

Part Number 150
Pogo's Friends Porky Pine, Albert Aligator and Howland Owl
Pogo's Friends Porky Pine, Albert Aligator and Howland Owl
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Antique toy comic character collection of 3 1969 Walt Kelly "Pogp Possum characters, to include Howland Owl, Albert Alligator and Porky Pine. These figurines are 4.5" to 5.5" high, excellent vintage condition. Albert Alligator: exuberant, dimwitted, irascible and egotistical, Albert is often the comic foil for Pogo, the rival of Beauregard or the fall guy for Howland. The cigar-chomping Albert is as extroverted and garrulous as Pogo is modest and unassuming, and their many sequences together tend to underscore their balanced, contrasting chemistryŚlike a seasoned comedy team. Howland Owl: the swamp's self-appointed leading authorityŚa self-proclaimed "expert" scientist, "perfessor," He wears horn-rimmed eyeglasses and, in his earliest appearances, a pointed wizard's cap festooned with stars and crescent moons (which also, fittingly, looks like a dunce cap in silhouette.) Porky Pine: a porcupine, a misanthrope and cynic; prickly on the outside but with a heart of gold. The deadpan Porky never smiles in the strip (except once, allegedly, when the lights were out). Pogo's best friend, equally honest, reflective and introverted, and with a keen eye both for goodness and for human foibles. The swamp's version of Eeyore, Porkypine is grumpy and melancholy by nature, and sometimes speaks of his "annual suicide attempt." He wears an undersized, plaid Pinky Lee-type hat (with an incongruously tall crown and upturned brim) and a perpetual frown, and is rarely seen without both.
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