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Each month, Toys Around the Clock will feature unique, hard-to-find antique collectibles in our “Specialties” section. These collectibles include classic toys, dolls, and character memorabilia, in excellent condition, original packaging, and more. Check each item for specific details regarding the toy’s condition and packaging.

Unique Tarzan Collectibles


To celebrate the Tarzan centennial, Toys Around the Clock is showcasing a rare selection of unique Tarzan Collectibles:

The Bronze Hogarth Tarzan
Here is Burne Hogarth's anatomically dynamic Tarzan cast in bronze! Burroughs' jungle hero is depicted in an African river greeting N'kima the monkey in the tree branches above. A magnificent sculpture that is a must for any Tarzan collector. $3,500.

The Weissmuller Tarzan
Here is the best Tarzan of all time cast in resin, and rendered in 1940's black and white. Fantastic detail right down to the knife he is about to throw. $750.

The War Cry Tarzan
Complete in the original box, here is an idealized Tarzan that features a voice chip giving the famous Tarzan War Cry.  A marvelous piece. $200.

The Burroughs Tarzan
Originally produced in limited quantities for Burroughs fans, this boxed Tarzan is impossible to find. This is the only one that is currently available. $250.


Have an item in mind that’s not featured in our store? Call us at (727) 865-1534, and we’ll do our best to help you find it!

 Products (Total Items: 3)
Burne Hogarth's Tarzan in Bronze
Burne Hogarth's Tarzan in Bronze
Your Price: $3,500.00
The War Cry Tarzan
The War Cry Tarzan
Your Price: $200.00
The Burroughs Tarzan
The Burroughs Tarzan
Your Price: $250.00

Universal Wolf Man Motionette Universal Wolf Man Motionette
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